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By hosting this Site, Alight is not acting as your broker, agent or other representative. For more information about specific health insurance options, please contact a licensed insurance professional. The information and content provided through this Site is intended to be general in nature and is provided for informational purposes only. Your projected qualification for any state program and/or the program information contained herein is based on a combination of the data you entered and sources and information that we believe to be reliable and up-to-date. We do not guarantee the accuracy of this information.

The "Coverage Calculator " tool calculates the likelihood of your eligibility based on some high level assumptions in combination with the data you have entered; it does not actually determine your eligibility for any specific state program. Any final determinations will be made by the governing body upon enrollment. This calculator uses only a subset of the data inputs required by the government for the actual eligibility and/or subsidy determinations. It does not take into consideration certain factors, including citizenship, tobacco usage, residency status, incarceration, etc., which may make you ineligible for these programs. The "Estimated Household Income" that you enter is used to calculate income relative to the Government Poverty Level (FPL) instead of modified adjusted gross income or other eligibility rules as defined by an individual state program. The tool also takes the data you have entered and assumes that any spouse and/or children are eligible dependents as defined by the rules for each state's program(s) (for example, children are within the allowable age limits (e.g., under age 26)). This calculator utilizes the most recent annual FPLs, as provided by the HHS and published by the Government Register. Generally, HHS updates these amounts each January, so calculations may not capture the most recent FPL values or the FPL values that apply at the time actual eligibility is determined.

For purposes of determining your estimated subsidy amount in the Federal or State Marketplace, this application uses an estimate of the monthly premium for the second lowest cost silver plan available (the “Benchmark Plan”), adjusted for family size, location, and age of enrollees (unless the state has released and our third-party service provider has received and incorporated the actual premium cost). for the Advanced Premium Tax Credit. Also, it does not provide an estimate of potential cost-sharing credits only applicable in certain situations where a silver plan is purchased. If a person is eligible for other minimum essential coverage, that person is not eligible for this subsidy. This tool assumes that any medical coverage available from your employer or your spouse's employer satisfies the minimum essential benefits coverage, is "affordable", and meets any other requirements of the Affordable Care Act or other state rules for program eligibility.

For purposes of this tool, Medicaid and CHIP eligibility is based solely on the income you’ve entered relative to the government poverty level.

Applicable laws, regulations, and individual state programs are subject to change and may impact each person's health care decisions differently depending on the circumstances of each unique situation. Alight does not assume any obligation to inform you of any changes in the state or government health care laws, programs, or other factors that could affect the information provided herein. The results and content on this Site should not be relied on as the only source of information for your health care coverage decisions.

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