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Part-Time Associate (or Temporary Associate)

Unable to obtain health insurance through your employer? Don't worry, you have plenty of alternative options. Find out how the healthcare laws affect you and learn more about obtaining health insurance on your own.

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COBRA Eligible

For individuals who no longer have employer health benefits. Learn more about how to continue your health coverage with COBRA insurance coverage and its alternatives.

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Pre 65 Retirees (Pre-Medicare Eligible)

For those retiring before age 65 and who are not yet eligible for Medicare. Find out if you qualify for subsidies that make your individual coverage more affordable and accessible.

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New Associates in first 90 days (28 for Hawaii)

For employees who work more than 30 hours per week. Are you waiting to become eligible for coverage through your employer? Learn about your short-term coverage options.

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Post 65 Retirees (Medicare Eligible)

Retirees who are 65 and older qualify for Medicare. Learn more about the various components of Medicare and your coverage options.

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